How to be Sure You’re Hiring the Right Person

Employment Testing

Every employer knows how important it is to hire the right person to fill a vacancy. It takes time and money to evaluate and train a new hire, and if you end up choosing the wrong person, it will take even more time and money to evaluate and train a new person to fulfill that role.

There’s more to picking the right candidate than just the interview process. That’s where Job Ready Services can help you.

We specialize in functional employment testing, a system of standardized tests that fully evaluate whether or not the candidates for your opening are able to safely and productively to perform the essential functions of the job. The combination of your interview and screening process with the addition of employment tests from Job Ready Services will provide the clearest picture of your potential new hire’s fitness for the position.

Functional Employment Testing

For less than the cost of a single doctor’s appointment, our comprehensive functional employment testing includes:

  • Evaluation of relevant medical history—chronic illness, high blood pressure, etc.
  • Review of past workers’ comp claims, if any
  • Physical capacity evaluation by occupational or physical therapist
  • Medical Risk profile – “overuse syndrome”—tendonitis, carpal tunnel, herniated disc, etc.
  • Job simulation evaluation—candidate’s ability to meet the physical requirements of the job

The results of your new hire’s testing, when combined with the interview process, help you determine if that person is the right person for your position.

Job Ready Services stores the results in a database for easy reference in the case of an injury. We are dedicated to protecting the privacy of your potential candidates and your business. We work constantly to stay up to date with federal employment laws and ensure our compliance.

Benefits of Employment Testing

While functional employment testing saves you money during the hiring and training process, it’s also an excellent long-term money saver for your business. By ensuring that your new hire is fully capable of completing the essential functions of the job, you create a safer workplace with significantly lower probability of on-the-job injuries and workers’ comp claims.

To learn more about how Job Ready Services can help you find the right candidate for your open position, increase your workplace safety, and get significant savings on your operational costs, call or contact us at (919) 256-1400 today!