Ergonomic Assessments

Job Ready’s Certified Ergonomic Assessment Specialists provide ergonomic risk assessments to identify injury potential and provide recommendations to facilitate safe and productive work.

An Ergonomic Assessment:

  • Identifies musculoskeletal injury potential in the workplace and offer remedies proactively
  • Offers recommendations for tool redesign, workstation alterations, proper lift training, and administrative controls (e.g. stretching program, job task rotation, job coaching)
  • Addresses any soft tissue stressors associated with report of injury/discomfort by either adjusting existing equipment or through stated recommendations
  • Provides an objective, third-party assessment to identify or quantify inherent risk factors that may have, or have not, contributed to an injury in the workplace.

Ergonomic risk factors can include repetition, force/load, awkward or static postures, localized mechanical stress or contact pressure, vibration, and environmental factors such as lighting, standing surface, and temperature.

Are you seeing the following significant risk factors in your worksite?

  • Employee modifications – padding of equipment, braces/splints, personal chairs, seat cushions, etc.
  • General employee population – females vs. males, smoking at breaks, yawning, poor physical conditioning
  • Employees twisting or using other rotational forces
  • Aging employees who have declining physical abilities

These risk factors are an indication that employees may be experiencing problems with their workstation or the demands of the job. Ergonomic equipment and chairs are not necessarily the best answer for everyone. An individualized assessment may be needed or training in how to use ergonomic equipment correctly.

The aging workforce is another good reason to take a good look at ergonomics in the workplace in order to prevent injury. Although older workers are less likely to be injured than younger workers, they take twice as long to recover from an injury.

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What Our Clients Have to Say About Us

“As a Nurse Case Manager, I find the work conditioning program at Job Ready Services to be the GOLD STANDARD. Excellent communication from the staff regarding progression or lack of progression of the injured worker is provided on a regular basis and this has led to great success with return to work or identification of injuries that will not allow them to return to their previous work assignment. The staff is trained in X-RTS methods for doing Functional Capacity Evaluations which is extremely helpful. Excellent staff, easy referral process, and great source of communication!”

– Vicki Hewitt-McNeil, NCM

“After eleven years of interpreting for workers’ comp, I have seen many facilities that treat injured people. I know the Doctors, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Work Conditioning Places that are part of the network for workers’ comp. With that knowledge I know where I would go if I were in need. The only place I would go for work conditioning is Job Ready Services, because I have not seen any place that offers the superior service that Job Ready Services offers. Vincent, the therapist in charge, is constantly observing the patients and watching that they use the correct posture, using the correct mechanics, and lifting the correct…”

– Arabela Olivares Coble

“We partnered with Job Ready Services in 2015 to establish the job analysis for all of our major jobs groups and implement Work Steps pre-employment testing at all of our locations.  This program has allowed us to improve a candidate’s chances of success by determining whether or not they can safely perform the essential functions of the position.  Over the past few years, we have realized a reduction in injuries and a significant decrease in our MOD rate.  We believe Job Ready Services has been a key component of our success as we strive to provide a safe and healthy working environment for the Coastal Crew.”

– Audrey J. Robbins-Bledsoe, SPHR, SHRM-SCP

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