When to Make a Work Conditioning Referral?

Return to Work, Work Conditioning, Workers Compensation

We want to remind you that work conditioning can benefit your injured worker in these situations:

  • Incomplete recovery or progress has plateaued without being released to full duty work
  • They are apprehensive to return to work due to fear of re-injury
  • Their Fit-for-Duty exam has not determined they can safely return to work
  • Their job is physically demanding, and an attempted return to work resulted in pain increases and continuation of work-related deficits

We offer a comprehensive work conditioning program that will greatly reduce the time from the initial injury to a safe return to work.  We focus on job-specific strength and conditioning and teach safe lifting mechanics.

Want to Learn More? Please contact our office at 919-256-1400 to learn more or make a new referral for an injured worker.  You can also visit our website to explore other services that we offer.