Work Conditioning Success Stories

Return to Work, Work Conditioning, Workers Compensation

As the year wraps up, the Job Ready staff reflected on the work conditioning program and wanted to share with you a few of the program participants and their outcomes:

Client A was a 56-year-old mixer truck driver who had worked for his company for 10 years prior to the injury. In the past year, he had developed a series of complications including right upper extremity and hernia repair surgeries. He attempted to return to work but developed muscle spasms in his lower back while performing his job duties. After his fit for duty revealed some trouble performing his job’s essential functions, the evaluator recommended to the employer that they send him for work conditioning. During the program, an exercise routine was developed to increase core/back strength, develop safe lifting postures, and improve overall conditioning. He was also able to practice handling aluminum and steel concrete chutes and climbing a ladder at our facility. Two weeks later, he was able to successfully complete all of the essential functions of his job and return to full duty work. Client A is a perfect example of how our Fit for Duty testing can identify a recently-injured worker that is not ready to return to full duty, and how our work conditioning program can strengthen and build the confidence of an individual to a return to full duty.

Client B was a 54-year-old diagnosed with a right calf strain. He had fallen while pulling a cart at work as a solid waste collector. During the initial evaluation, he reported numbness and pain in his right lower extremity. Two weeks later, he increased his floor level max lift from 45 lbs to 99 lbs and push/pull forces from 43/31 to 105/75 lbs./force. At the end of the program, he reported that he could go back to work due to feeling better and stronger. He also reported a 0/10 pain and that he no longer experienced numbness in his right foot. He passed the Fit for Duty test and was recommended to return to his regular duties.

Work Conditioning is a powerful tool for those injured individuals who are close to returning to work but not yet ready, and Job Ready Services takes pride in our program and its wonderful outcomes.