What is WorkSTEPS®

Employment Testing, Miscellaneous, Work Conditioning

According to a 2008 Census survey, one in ten Americans between the ages of 18 to 64 have some kind of disability. This means that there is a ten percent chance that a new hire will have some kind of physical limitation that restricts the type or the amount of work they can perform. Research also states that 75 percent of work related injuries will occur from that same 10 percent and 80 percent of the costs. Unfortunately, workers’ compensation assumes that all workers are perfect when they are hired and whatever happens to the employee was caused by the job.

These facts alone could be costing your business millions of dollars in workers’ compensation claims. This is where WorkSTEPS testing can help. WorkSTEPS is a legally compliant functional testing system that can:

  • Determine worker’s capability for new hires based on individual ability
  • Establish realistic treatment goals post injury
  • Accelerate return to work
  • Eliminate fraud and abuse
  • Increase productivity
  • Prevent injuries
  • Reduce turnover

How WorkSTEPS® Works

Unlike most programs, WorkSTEPS is a complete employment testing plan that includes individualized purposeful evaluations, that can be used throughout all stages of the employment phase: hiring, fit-for-duty, transitional duty, and return-to-work. Using the WorkSTEPS® system can effectively reduce workplace injury and their associated costs.

How WorkSTEPS® Saves You Money

The first way WorkSTEPS saves you money is through identifying and documenting the degree of pre-existing conditions and their involvement of the overall safety to perform specific jobs. Remember: 10% of the people you hire may have some form of physical limitation, but if you haven’t identified that limitation AND documented it, workers’ compensation won’t recognize it. However, if you have established a “baseline,” then that data can be used in the resolution of claims.

The second way WorkSTEPS saves you money is by documenting what the candidate or worker can do. Once their physical abilities are identified, the worker can be placed in a job that they can safely perform and thereby, the risk of injury on the job is reduced. This also increases productivity and profitability.

How Do You Get WorkSTEPS® Testing?

In order to receive the benefits of WorkSTEPS’ Functional Employment Testing and Functional Capacity Evaluations, you have to use a trained and certified WorkSTEPS provider. In the Greater Triangle area of North Carolina, Job Ready Services is your local provider.

Let Job Ready Services help you lower your workers’ compensation claims and create a safer, more productive place to work. You can contact Job Ready Services today by calling 919-256-1400 or you can email us at info@jobreadyservices.com.